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How does Cloud for Business Work

How do Cloud Solutions for Business Work?

If you’re in business, then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard a lot of talk about Cloud computing solutions and the differences between public and private cloud servers. Businesses can really benefit from private cloud computing, but it’s also important to know how the private cloud actually works so you can decide if it’s the solution that your business needs. 

What is private cloud?

Private Cloud is a dedicated and secure home for all of your business systems, software and applications.  Running as virtual servers, your systems and applications are migrated onto the concept Cloud as an exact replica, giving you a complete copy of everything that matters.  

How does it work?

Private cloud is incredibly simple to use and works efficiently and reliably. You can access your private Cloud by connecting up to the system with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application, and then you’re good to go.

Private cloud is also flexible and can be adapted to different needs and requirements. For more general users, a Terminal Server (also known as a remote Desktop server) is used, which grants you easy access to the applications and programs installed.

For more specialist users, however, a virtual desktop is provided. This works as a virtual PC that can be configured to run specific applications like Auto CAD or Photoshop. This is one of the biggest draws for businesses to use private cloud; not only is it secure and reliable, but it’s also adaptable to your specific business needs.

To make sure that your systems are always available when you need them, your private cloud solution runs on the Concept Cloud Platform, a remote cluster of available and resilient servers that work together to keep things running for you, including ensuring that you always have enough memory and resources.

This is a great failsafe against error and tech issues that can plague businesses, especially ones that operate online. If one part of the system fails then your workload will be automatically allocated to other pieces of equipment. For additional security, there is a second location equipped with identical hardware and a mirror image of your system, so you never have to worry about your servers leaving you in the lurch at a crucial moment.

To ensure that your systems are always available, your private cloud solution runs on the Concept Cloud Platform which is a cluster of highly available, resilient servers that work together to ensure you’ve always got enough memory and resources available.  Should one part of the system fail, your workload is automatically reallocated to other equipment.  In addition to the resilience built-in to the system, a second location is equipped with identical hardware and a mirror image of your system.  

What else?

If you decide you use Private Cloud, you will be given a central location in which to store all of your data, which can then be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. This is one of the things that really sets Private Cloud apart from Public Cloud solutions like Office 365 and Google Docs. The Private Cloud system is built to meet your business’ exact requirements and can be changed to manage any further needs that might become apparent. While the Public Cloud is a great way to easily share your files, you won’t be able to change your system if your needs are no longer being met because of an upgrade. Private Cloud ensures that you won’t have to change your provider, which can be a hassle in and of itself.

Private Cloud is beneficial to business for many reasons. It’s not just that you can run more applications beyond Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, you can also operate across multiple sites and employ staff that work outside of the office. Naturally, Private Cloud can be more beneficial to certain businesses than others; for example, it’s a great solution for the service sector as well as organisations that have to run industry-specific applications. 

Secure, Efficient and Cost-effective

Private Cloud gives you all of the benefits of having your own system whilst improving the overall security and availability of ownership. It’s also a great way to reduce costs to your business.

If you choose a Private Cloud System, it will be backed up twice a day to cover all the bases. If you’ve accidentally deleted that important report or overwritten a document you’ve spent the whole afternoon on, all you’ll have to do is call our helpdesk, and we’ll work to recover it for you.

Some of our private cloud clients have strict security policies and standards that they must meet, such as ISO27001 and the NHS IG Tool Kit, because they store sensitive, private or confidential records.  Using Private Cloud simplifies the requirements put upon their organisation because the whole system can be centrally managed to protect data.  If you’re in a similar situation, then Private Cloud might be the solution for you.

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