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Hosted Exchange

Business Class Email Solutions for your entire Team

Hosted Exchange from Concept IT is built upon the Concept Cloud platform which provides reliable, scalable cloud solutions to business in the Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham areas.

Exchange provides you with a business-class email service.  Your emails will seamlessly syncronise with all of your devices to keep your calendar up to date, give you access to your address book and manage your task list no matter which one you're using.  Whenever you compose a message, mark a message as read, move it to a folder or delete it, those changes are replicated everywhere - so you don't have to do it again.  

As well as keeping your communications organsised, Exchange can provide shared calendars, contacts, task lists and mail folders so all of your team can work together. Exchange gives you a rock-solid tool to ease collaboration between team members and promote effective teamwork.


Hosted Exchange by Concept IT runs on the Concept Cloud platform.  Concept Cloud was built and developed by us for our own exclusive use.  All of your data is securely stored in two locations within the North East of England.

Every connection from your PC's, tablets, smart-phones or through the webmail app is securely encrypted to ensure your data remains private.




Because our Hosted Exchange service is built on the Concept Cloud platform, you can scale the solution up or down to match your staffing requirements or seasonal demands.

Only pay for what you use with our simple monthly plans whilst giving every member of staff access to diaries, contacts and public folders in real time.


Because Hosted Exchange allows staff to share diaries, folders and contacts, your team can work more efficiently - sharing resources or planning meetings with less hassle.

Using public folders, Hosted Exchange lets you create holiday planners, schedule meeting rooms, share supplier contacts as well as access in real-time your diary and appointments whilst you're out.

Cost Effective

Using Hosted Exchange on our Concept Cloud means that you don't need to invest in expensive software licenses or complex hardware.  Simply pay for what you use each month no matter if you've got 5 or 250 users.  

To ensure your emails remain clear of spam, malware and phishing threats every Hosted Exchange Mailbox is protected by our industry leading ProofPoint Essentials Security Filter.

Why Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a world-class business collaboration platform used by millions of organisations around the world.  Exchange provides you with secure and reliable system which allows access to your data no matter what device you're using.  

Give your business a productivity boost by giving your staff access to shared diaries, group email folders, team contacts, resource planning and rock-solid syncronisation of your messages across all of your devices.

Benefits of Hosted Exhange

  • Create Public Folders which can be accessed by multiple users
  • Share diaries with other staff to help planning and scheduling
  • Active-sync ensures every device is syncronised
  • Create distribution groups and public folders


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