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Welcome to North East Cloud from Concept IT - leaders in the North of England for the provision of Cloud Solutions

Ten years ago, Concept IT set about helping small and medium sized businesses grow and develop by leveraging the facilities which large businesses enjoy.  Now our challenge has turned to cloud - we're helping SME's take advantage of enterprise level, high availability solutions which previously only blue chip companies could afford. Welcome to Concept Cloud!

We hope you find our specialist site informative and educational.  We want to demystify the hype about cloud computing and help you work out how your business can benefit. 

Find out about how Concept IT can help you with your cloud computing solutions including the Concept Cloud services hosted securely here in the North East of England.

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Concept IT Cloud Solutions Concept IT are ISO9001 Quality Certified Concept IT are Small Business Specialists ensuring you always have the right solution for your business Concept IT are a Cisco Certified Partner ensuring your security comes first Concept IT are a HP Business Partner Concept IT use Proofpoint Essentials Email Security Solutions