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Concept Cloud

Concept Cloud - Fast, Reliable and Scalable solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Concept Cloud is the platform that runs our private cloud services.  Built entirely using our own equipment, systems and software you can be assured that we're able to provide a first class service with the best support possible and rock-solid reliability.  

Concept Cloud provides a completely bespoke private cloud system which is dedicated to your business.  With anywhere access using virtually any PC, Laptop, Mac, tablet or smartphone your staff really can work anywhere at any time.  Hosting all of your business systems in one place ensures that your data and systems remain secure no matter where or how your staff access the system.  

Because Concept Cloud is your own private system, you're able to run all of your in-house applications on Concept Cloud.  Sage 50, Sage 200, SAP, Autodesk, Adobe - there's no limitiation to what can be used.  

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Run all of your Business Applications

Because Concept Cloud is a true private cloud system, you can run almost any application anywhere at any time.  

Microsoft Office, Sage Accounting and Payroll, bespoke in-house systems, SAP, ERP, Databases or line-of-business management systems can all be available in one place.  Every single one of our clients uses some sort of industry specific software and all of them can work here without issue.

You don't even have to connect up to your hosted desktop to use them; we're able to make many applications available in a web browser so extended members of your team can also use them.


Scale the Solution to fit your needs

Concept Cloud can be scaled up or down to match you needs month by month.  You don't need to worry about purchasing expensive software licenses or additonal hardware for team members because our simply pay-as-you-use pricing model turns that into one monthly cost.  

Providing access to new branches, offices or remote workers is simple and can be provisioned within minutes. 

If you find yourself needing to upgrade to more powerful software like Sage 200, there's no need to purchase additonal hardware, we simply allocate more resources and off you go.

Work anywhere, any time without VPN's

Because Concept Cloud is securely hosted in dual-locations in the North of England, you can provide your staff with any time, anywhere access to all of your systems.  No more unreliable and slow VPN's - just one simple connection from almost any device.  

Concept Cloud can even run over a 3G mobile broadband connection although for your office we would recommend a more resilient internet connection.

If you don't want to connect to your Hosted Desktop, simply access your files using our web-app, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile apps on the go; or run your office applications in a web browser - the choice is yours.

Rock-solid Reliability and total Backup

To ensure Concept Cloud's rock solid reliablity, we've built the system on a resilient cluster of servers and storage which is mirrored to a second data-centre in Gateshead using an exact replica same set of resilient clustered servers and storage.  Should anything happen to the primary system in Durham, you and your staff will be redirected to our mirror site in Gateshead within seconds.

Concept Cloud is backed up daily and as part of your private cloud solution, we can even schedule full system backups hourly.  It's not just our system which is backed up; your files, folders, settings, emails and software data are all included to protect against any little accidents!

Why Concept Cloud?

With Concept Cloud you're able to provide your employees with a reliable and up-to-date solution which allows them to work more effectively and efficiently.  Using Microsoft Hosted Desktop technology, every person in your business can access the right software and data regardless of where they are.  

As your business grows or flexes with seasonal changes in demand, so does Concept Cloud.  With our simple pay-as-you-use pricing model you're able to adjust your staffing levels without the need to purchase expensive hardware and software licenses.  You can even give access to key suppliers or contractors without the fear of jeopardising your security.

Because the IT system in your office isn't as complex, your exposure to IT failures reduces. Leaving the maintenance of Concept Cloud to us ensures that your system is always running at its best and everyone received the same, consistent experience.


  • Cost Effective - Pay only for what you use on a monthly basis
  • Reliable - Resilient systems and data backup provide a disaster recovery solution
  • Efficient - Increase staff productivity by enabling them to work anywhere, any time.
  • Secure - All of your data is stored securely in dual locations in the North of England
  • Scalable - The system can grow with you from 5 to 250+ staff without the need for new infrastructure.
  • Flexibility - Increase or reduce as your business changes and instantly provide facilities to new staff.

But the biggest benefit of all is that there's no compromise; having your own fully private solution ensures you've got the flexibility to tailor the system exactly to your needs - you can run every applicaiton you need, where ever you need it without sacrificing functionality.

To see how we can help you and your business - get in touch now...Click here or, call us FREE on 0808 178 22 48

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