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Cloud Backup

iTrac Replay - Cloud backup you can rely upon

iTrac Replay ensures your data is backed up reliably and securely online in the North East of England.  There's no hassle of changing tapes or remembering to take media off-site, and as a fully managed service, you don't even need to check it's running as we do that for you.  Because there's no big capital expenditure or annual media bills you can accurately budget your costs as your business grows.

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Secure and Reliable

iTrac Replay protects all of your servers and systems automatically without the need for you to swap tapes or drives.  Because iTrac Live is a fully managed service by Concept IT, our helpdeks and iTrac Live software continually monitor the system to ensure your data is safely stored.

All of your data is stored securely in an encrypted format in two locations within the North East of England.  You can rest assured that you know exactly where your data is.

If you're using on-premise systems and our on-site appliance, you can be assured of privacy and security as our appliance encrypts your data as it's backed up and then transmits it back to Conecpt Cloud over a secure SSL connection.



iTrac Replay can be scaled up or down to match the needs of your organisaiton on a month-by-month basis.  As your data needs increase or reduce, your subscription can be adjusted to match.  

iTrac Replay uses agents to backup your systems and servers.  As your business grows, additional agents are configured to protect new systems, databases and software platforms. With iTrac Replay you only ever pay for what you use.

With data storage increasing by 30% per year on average, you're not tied to hardware which no longer has the capacity to cope - iTrac Replay running on the Concept Cloud allows for expansion as you need it.


Because iTrac Replay runs on disk opposed to tape or other external backup device, it's fast.  It's 20 times faster than tape so even the biggest backup jobs can be done quickly.

iTrac Replay isn't dependant upon your internet connection to complete a job; using an on-site appliance your data is quickly and securely backed up before being securely transferred to the Concept Cloud.  Unlike simple software based cloud backup systems, iTrac Replay works even if your internet connection is interrupted or slow.

Restoring your system following a failure can be done in minutes.  If you're running on Concept Cloud, your system is restored to the cluster and available within minutes for you and your staff to use.

Future Proof

Because iTrac Replay runs on Concept Cloud, the system is continually updated and enhanced.  As your storage needs grow we simply allocate additional resources.  When new versions of software or servers are released, our software is automatically updated to support them.  

We're able to tailor the backup tasks to ensure all of your files, systems and databases are securely backed up in the most effective way.

If you're not running on Concept Cloud, we provide an on-premise appliance to perform the backups before they're securely encrypted and transferred to the Concept Cloud.  We maintain this appliance, ensuring it's always running at it's best.  If there's a problem with the hardware, we simply swap it out.

Why iTrac Replay?

iTrac Replay uses a two stage approach to protecting your data.  All your information, databases and applications are backed up to the local appliance before they are encrypted and sent off site to Durham and Gateshead for disaster recovery and security.

After the initial seed backup, only the data which has changed is added to the backup.  This minimises the time it takes to secure your data without causing a bottleneck.

Whether you need to get everything back up and running or you just need to recover a single file —iTrac Replay has the flexibility to get the information back.

If you're working with on-premise systems, our appliance can spin up a virtual server until hardware is replaced.

Benefits of iTrac Replay

  • Fully Managed Service - we'll let you know if there's been a problem and what we've done to fix it.
  • Secure and Reliable - All of your data is fully encrypted all of the time.
  • Only pay for what you use - as your data requirements scale up or down, you'll only ever pay for what you use.
  • Disaster Recovery - Multiple daily snapshots can be taken as an option to enable instant access to your system as a virtual machine running on your appliance or at a remote office.

Our Helpdesk manage your backup service every day ensuring your data is protected.  There's no need to check it's working as we'll notify you if there's a problem.  An automated status report can be sent to you daily too for additonal peace of mind. And because we manage everything for you, recovering data is just a phone call away.

Available as an option, iTrac Replay can take multiple snapshots of your entire system at set points throughout the day.  Should something go horribly wrong the system can be fired up instantly using virtual machines on the appliance.

To see how we can help you and your business - get in touch now...Click here or, call us FREE on 0808 178 22 48

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