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23 July 2015
If you run a business you probably know how difficult it can be managing different aspects of your company such as your servers, software, programme and storing all of your data safely. There is a solution to manage all of these in one place and you’ve probably heard of Cloud computing solutions and what can be offered within these solutions such as public and private cloud servers. From a b
22 May 2015
Cloud Computing Solutions Improving Business When business is good, you want to find ways to make it better, and when your business is still getting off the ground you want to find ways to make that process easier. In the modern age we are constantly seeing amazing new technological developments that sometimes seem to border to science fiction. Take cloud computing solutions, for example. If you
03 March 2015
Ten years ago, Concept IT was established to provide SME's in the North East of England with quality IT support. Back then, only a handful of organisations provided a quality service delivered by professionals - all of which set their sights on larger organisations. Our challenge was to deliver quality and professional services for SME's which not only matched that of the best providers, but was
15 February 2015
Not a day goes by where I’m offered free storage in the cloud by one website or another.  It seems like everyone is giving away services which you could call home, but can you trust them? Providing some free storage space is a nice way to get you hooked on a service and sometimes it’s a brilliant way to work.  It’s a simple model; give you a bit of space which you find
26 January 2015
Private Cloud works by giving your business a dedicated and secure home for all of your systems, software and applications.  Running as virtual servers, your systems and applications are migrated onto the Concept Cloud as an exact replica.  You access your Private Cloud by connecting up to the system with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application.  For general users, a Terminal Serve

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